Advent Calendar

24 maison christian dior surprises

“With this beguiling treasure in hand, each person may open the doors to an enchanting universe that few connoisseurs know: the extraordinary world of haute couture.”
Vincent Darré
– Interior Designer and Artist –

Celebrate the magic of the holidays inside 30 Avenue Montaigne. Revisited by the artist and illustrator Vincent Darré, the advent calendar unveils all the secrets of the incredible Dior Workshop: an enchanting world where expert hands snip, stitch and sew to craft the most exquisite gifts.
In each window, discover an iconic product from Dior or an exclusive gift. 24 surprises to immerse yourself in the magical world of Christmas in Dior.

MCD Oud Ispahan 7.5 ml
MCD Gris Dior 7.5 ml
MCD Ambre Nuit 7.5 ml
MCD Rose Kabuki 7.5 ml
MCD Bois d'Argent 7.5ml
MCD Sakura 7.5 ml
MCD Lucky 7.5 ml
MCD Holy Peony 7.5 ml
MCD Jasmin des Anges 7.5 ml
MCD Spice Blend 7.5 ml
MCD Dioramour 7.5 ml
MCD La Colle Noire 7.5 ml
Jasmin des Anges Creme 15 ml
Ambre Nuit Creme 15 ml
Balade Sauvage Creme 15 ml
Rose Ispahan Soap 50 g
Balade Sauvage Soap 50 g
Ambre Nuit Candle 35 g
30 Montaigne Candle 35 g
Figue Méditerranée Candle 35 g
Jardin d'Orangers Candle 35 g
Ceramic Heart
Ceramic Disc

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